Course curriculum

  • 3

    History of Reiki

    • What is Reiki?

    • Mikao Usui and the founders of Reiki

    • Your Lineage

    • Review

  • 4


    • What are attunements?

    • 21-Day Cleansing Process

    • Your Attunements

  • 5

    Channelling Reiki Energy

    • The Tanden

    • Hatsu Rei Ho - a Reiki Meditation

    • The Five Reiki Precepts

    • Review

  • 6

    Self-Healing With Reiki

    • Setting The Scene

    • Kanji Hand Positions

    • Reiki Hand Positions

    • Aura Shower

    • Self-Healing Steps

    • Guided Self-Healing

    • Review

  • 7


    • Byosen (What You Might Feel, See and Experience)

    • Signs of Release

    • Review

  • 8


    • Reiki and Medication

    • Cautions

    • Review

  • 9

    Next Steps

    • What's Next? (Special Offer Included)

    • Before you go...

Your Reiki Attunements

This course includes four Reiki attunements, delivered live via a group Zoom call.
Attunements for new students take place on the first Monday of the month at 7 pm - you only need to attend one session.

N.B. Attunements are a vital part of your training - you will not be able to practice Reiki without being attuned. If you are unable to make the call time, I can arrange a private attunement session for you for £15.
Your attunements

One of the best Reiki teachers around

M. Matharu

"Sophie is one of the best Reiki teachers around. Her Reiki technique and healing touch is absolutely beautiful."

A wonderful teacher

H. Saleemi

"Absolutely transformative and beautiful. Sophie is a wonderful teacher and made my introduction to Reiki the best it could be."

A life-enhancing experience

R. Mills

"I'd like my clients to feel as safe and comfortable as I did with Sophie. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her. I can honestly say that it was a life-enhancing experience for me."